What is brand identity?

For us, the branding process goes beyond the logo. We believe in creating and capturing the brand soul. Typically, this would include the emblem; the wordmark; the font system; the colour palette; the brand patterns and photography look & feel. We start our design process with an in-depth questionnaire and a subsequent Chemistry & Discovery call to better understand your branding needs.  If you would like to see more of our creative offerings, see our a-la-carte menu on our 'Services' page!

How long is the branding process?

All projects vary, but typically our branding process is 4-5 weeks (from onboarding to final asset delivery). We will discuss your ideal launch dates and ensure to meet project deadlines set out at the beginning of the project.

What formats do you provide for the final deliverables?

The formats provided depend on your design needs. Typically for branding projects, we will provide you with an open file of their final logo assets (Illustrator file), PNG (or SVG upon request), and JPEG (for Social Media Profile Images). We aim to ensure that as our client, you will have all the assets you need to launch your brand!

What is a moodboard and why would I need one?

Moodboards, sometimes called an inspiration board, are comprised of visual materials (photos, fonts, textures, colour palettes) that evoke a certain style or concept.  The moodboard process allows for a more focused approach and is integral to capturing the brand soul prior to the logo creation itself. Providing the moodboards first ensures that the design team and the client are aligned on the chosen creative direction.

How do payments work?

Projected costs are, simply put, projections! This quote is based on the scope of work at the beginning of the project, as well as the timeline outlined. We will establish the timeframe prior to the work commencing. If you wish to add or alter the scope of work, and if the timeline changes due to these changes or additions, these costs will be billed as additional. Don’t worry, we won’t spring unforseen costs on you. We will communicate openly throughout the duration of the project if such circumstances arise. Though we typically work on a 50% upfront and 50% upon completion system, we are also open to multiple installments - so if that suits you better do let us know and we will see how we can accommodate you.

Do you work with international clients?

Yes, we do! Though we are based in London, Good Intentions is global!
Through the magic of technology, we have mastered timezones and work with international clients based in the United States, Spain, Poland, United Arab Emirates (Dubai), India, Canada and Türkiye.

What if I need more amendments?

There are 3 rounds of feedback included each project timeline. To stay on schedule, feedback needs to be made within a maximum of 3 days to ensure you get the full amount of feedback if needed. For additional changes we charge an hourly rate which will be agreed upon prior to commencing the work.

What do I need before the project begins?

All roads lead to the creative brief. Having a clear brief, budget and intention is the first step in the process. To help us, help you, we need to understand where you are going. Start the process by filling out our 'Business Inquiry' brief here.

Why is branding such an investment and how much does it all cost?

The overall price will depend on your individual and specfic design needs. To initiate the costing process, you will begin by filling out our Business Inquiry Questionnaire. This will give us an indication of your budget and project needs. After our first Chemistry & Discovery call (and based on the brief) we will put together a proposal purposefully tailored just for you. Creating bespoke brand design that connects to your target audience is a timely and wholehearted process which requires strategy, research and ideation. With us, your investment goes beyond a cool logo. We are your strategic creative partners, ensuring your brand is jam-packed full of purpose and makes a lasting impression across multiple channels.

Do you maintain websites once made?

Yes! We offer a maintenance upkeep service for your website which can include security & plugin updates, general website health monitoring, quick content adjustments, minor development changes (within reason). However, this is an additional service, beyond the scope of the development and design of the website. Other additional maintenance requests can include: updating content, revising product descriptions and adding or removing inventory etc.